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Of pressure, level, and vacuum

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    Electronic Transmitters

Since 1974 Valcom® designs, develops and manufactures instruments for measurement and monitoring of processes and variables for the Oil & Gas industry. Starting from a production based on orders, that characterized the first years of the business, today Valcom® manufactures different types of pre-assembled units that allow an extraordinary product flexibility in order to reach customers requests not easy to fulfill by anyone.

All this allows Valcom® to offer a complete range of electronic transmitters of pressure, level, vacuum, Dp (and annexes/relevant control systems) covering measuring ranges from 100 mbar to 1000 bar with output 4- 20mA + HART communication protocol and with integrated or remote electronics for the Oil & Gas industry. The fully stainless steel housing makes them particularly suitable for installation in environments with aggressive atmospheres, and all the instruments have obtained ATEX certification.

The proposed solutions can satisfy the most specific requests: pressure transmitters up to 15,000 psi, density transmitters based on different principles, level meters for many high precision applications particularly suitable for LPG and multipoint temperature (Figure 1) combined with level transmitters interface. The wide product range includes instruments with threaded and flanged process connections, available in both integral and remote versions, instruments complete with capillary and seals, manufactured, assembled and tested in factory, as well as software for data acquisition.

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