Energy-Saving Mixing Solution for Solids

Efficiency in mixing technology through innovative shovel design

  • Energy-Saving Mixing Solution for Solids
    Energy-Saving Mixing Solution for Solids

Lödige Process Technology will present at Powtech the High Efficiency Shovel (HES), a special shovel for mixing solids in horizontal Ploughshare mixers. It is designed to require less drive power than a standard shovel. The innovative shovel concept of the HES for short, immediately draws the eye. Unlike standard shovels, this in-house development by Lödige has an opening in the shovel blade. This corresponds to 85 percent of the surface area. The advantage of this design: Depending on the product, it permits a reduction of the start-up torque by up to 20 percent and reduces the reactive power. 

For solids with small particle sizes

This makes it possible to design a mixer with a lower motor rating. The unique efficiency of this shovel also becomes apparent in its Ploughshare mixer application: The design reduces torque by approximately ten percent to save even more energy. The HES is perfect for industries that process dry, free-flowing solids with small particle sizes. The shovel design combines high efficiency with the qualities of a standard Lödige shovel: The HES is just as easy to maintain and achieves a comparably high mixing quality.