Fans handles the hard stuff

in new whisky bottling plant

  • Fans handles the hard stuff
    Fans handles the hard stuff

Elta Fans, Kingswinford-based Building Services division, has supplied a number of fans for the new bottling plant of one of Scotland’s premier manufacturers of single malt whiskies.

Six ‘Quietflow’ Twin DCVs were provided for the ventilation project by Elta Fans’ distributor VHS to subcontractors NG Bailey, along with a BIFLOW bifurcated axial fan, specially developed for handling hostile air conditions, designed so that the throughput totally by-passes the motor, avoiding any possible detrimental effect. In addition a Skyflow SSMF and two Revolution SLCs were also supplied.

The ‘Quietflow’ Twin DCV is a robust, lightweight unit with a galvanized sheet steel casing which has flame retardant, acoustic lining for much quieter sound performance, providing ‘demand control ventilation’ (DCV). Significant energy savings are made by effective DCV, which is a recognised method of ensuring a building is ventilated cost effectively while maximising indoor air quality based on its occupancy. The three main controls elements to the DCV package comprises sensors, zone controllers and wall controllers.

The Skyflow SSMF is a lightweight horizontal-discharge, mixed-flow, roof-extract unit that has a low-profile design and is UV-stabilised for durability, offering good performance and low-noise characteristics. The Revolution SLC is a robust, long-cased, axial, fitted with adjustable-pitch, aerofoil-section bladed impellers. This hardworking axial fan offers performance combined with strength, durability and corrosion resistance characteristics.

The bottling depot and offices are on a 5 hectare site chosen for its proximity to the existing bottling facility. The production facility comprises two manufacturing halls covering 10,000m2 and the office building which occupies 2,000 m2. Consulting engineers Blyth and Blyth carried out the project along with main contractor Kier Scotland.