Free Rotating Retractor For Hygienic Processing Lines

Highly efficient cleaning device for safe processes and higher production uptime

  • Free Rotating Retractor For Hygienic Processing Lines
    Free Rotating Retractor For Hygienic Processing Lines

Preventing contamination is a crucial element in the design of hygienic processing lines. Yet manufacturers often face uncertainty when cleaning ducts, tanks and other confined spaces with hard-to-reach shadow areas. The new Alfa Laval Free Rotating Retractor, a high-efficiency retractable cleaning device, provides complete cleaning assurance, enhancing product safety while boosting uptime and productivity.

Complete cleaning assurance

Preparing hygienic vessels quickly and economically so that all interior surfaces are spotlessly clean and ready for production is easy with the Free Rotating Retractor. Dynamic and resource-efficient, this retractable Cleaning-in-Place device remains sealed off from the product area during production, flush with the vessel wall. The spray head slides out, expelling cleaning media in a 310°-up spray pattern across the vessel surface. Upon completion of the cleaning cycle, the spray head retracts, and the vessel is production-ready.

Boost process uptime and product safety

The retractor quickly and effectively removes residues from the interior surfaces of hard-to-clean vessels, limiting cross-contamination, minimizing downtime, and increasing productivity. It complies with FDA, EU and China regulations while securing good manufacturing and hygiene practices at dairy, food, beverage, home and personal care, and other processing facilities. For high-purity pharmaceutical and biotechnology processing lines, the Free Rotating Retractor UltraPure is available with a 3.1 documentation package for metal parts is available upon request.

Saving water, chemicals and time

Dynamic and resource-efficient, this cleaning device delivers up to 35% savings in water, chemicals and time for every CIP cycle compared to conventional static spray ball technology. Moreover, more efficient use of resources enhances sustainability throughout manufacturing operations. 

It is easy and economical to install, operate and maintain the Free Rotating Retractor due to its streamlined construction. To fully automate operation two or more of these cleaning devices and Alfa Laval ThinkTop sensing and control units can be paired with an existing CIP system.