Fruit juice pasteurizer

features tubular heat exchangers

  • Fruit juice pasteurizer
    Fruit juice pasteurizer

The centre piece of the fruit juice pasteurizer is the VARITUBE tubular heat exchanger. It features direct heat recovery, without intermediate circuit, for the fruit juice and primary industry, developed in the Fruit Juice Competence Centre at GEA TDS in Sarstedt.
The VARITUBE SK installed is equipped with a patented special flow device that processes highly viscous products and products containing fibres and sacs. The key user benefits are low investment costs and a high heat recovery rate of up to 92 %.

Process sequence: The product is conveyed from the mixing station to the VARITUBE tubular heat exchanger via a closed balance tank. The product is heated by direct heat exchange in the heat recovery section of the tubular heat exchanger. The pasteurized product is then transferred via a sterile buffer tank to the filler – an optional degassing unit can be interconnected. A new product path in the beverage deaerator with a product-oriented temperature and vacuum profile enables significant energy savings and prevents unnecessary loss of flavours.

The essential difference to the deaeration techniques commonly used in the market is that flashes are not firmly set, but are optimally adjusted to the vacuum required for the product in accordance with the inlet temperature. The fruit juice pasteurizer can be operated variably between 50% and 100% of its capacity to process different package sizes. GEA Tuchenhagen VARIVENT mixproof valves with vapour barrier (shock pressure resistant) are used in the entire aseptic area of the process plant.