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For precision feeding, transport and positioning

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    Grip Chains

Grip chains from iwis have wear- and corrosion-resistant clamping elements that ensure safe and reliable feeding, transport and positioning of thin-walled materials with a large surface area. Grip chains are used, for example, in packaging, medical technology, electronics, PCB production and metalworking industry applications. For use in food processing, all chains are available with food-grade lubrication. 

The clamping elements allow the chain to grip and hold thin-walled materials with large surface area, such as films. Different levels of spring force allow a wide range of materials to be gently gripped and securely held. Conventional grip chains often have the drawback that the clamping elements do not provide enough space to insert the film. They also apply a point load to the film, which can cause the film to deform at the gripper or even to rupture. They are also noisy in operation. The gripper of the new grip chains from iwis fits into its groove very accurately and therefore offers a better retention force. More free space in the foil insertion area allows an improved foil feed and the foils do not twist or deform at the edge of the gripper element. This design also reduces noise emissions. The grip chains also feature burled plates, which ensure a reliable operation and optimum hygiene.   

Wear resistance

High-performance grip chains from iwis have an outstanding wear resistance. Being optimally pre-stretched, the chains exhibit only a minimal initial elongation. Being highly rigid, they can also be used in long machines. Identical chain lengths within the selected tolerance range ensure excellent running characteristics in both synchronous and parallel operation. The basic chain versions are chemically nickel-plated. Maintenance-free Megalife versions are also available. The recommended maximum running speed is 2 m/s for the ½ inch grip chain and 0.6 m/s for the 5/8 inch version. For higher running speeds, a different control geometry is required.

Versions available

Grip chains from iwis are available in a number of different versions specifically designed for various conveyed materials. A new addition to the range is version E, which features grippers made of corrosion-resistant spring steel and an accurate fit of the gripper in the groove. The gripping flange of this version has rounded sides to protect the conveyed plastic film. A burled plastic plate guarantees optimum guidance, which helps minimise wear. The “support” radius on the clamp ensures optimum opening and closing of the gripper. Also new is version F, a grip chain with clamp. Other available versions are version A with one tip, version B with two tips and version C with a flat clamping surface. Version D grip chains feature a patented button clamp, whose spring does not need any additional fastening elements. Sprockets for grip chain applications round off the programme. These can be supplied in accordance with customer specifications, e.g. bearing seats, keyways, threads, special diameters and surface finish. 

In addition to grip chains, the Munich-based specialist for precision chain systems provides a wide product range for all power transmission and conveying applications. The full programme comprises precision and high-performance roller chains, conveyor chains, maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant chains, accumulation chains, special-purpose conveyor chains, flyer chains, flat-top chains and modular belts for industrial applications, chains and accessories for agricultural machinery, and timing drives for the automotive industry.