Integrated Sensor Network-to-Cloud Solution

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Bringing data from sensors and controllers automatically into SCADA monitoring software dashboards

Industry 4.0

Integrated Sensor Network-to-Cloud Solution
Integrated Sensor Network-to-Cloud Solution
Integrated Sensor Network-to-Cloud Solution
Integrated Sensor Network-to-Cloud Solution

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry and Machfu announce the integration of SignalFire’s wireless sensor network with Machfu’s Industrial IoT Gateway. The Machfu IIoT Gateway incorporates edge intelligence, multi-protocol translation capabilities, and multi-dimensional security features, resulting in a versatile and secure sensor-to-cloud solution. Operating the SignalFire Edge Application on Machfu’s Edge Gateway, users can easily and wirelessly bring all sensor measurements from a SignalFire sensor network into their cloud application. With a single click, the IIoT Gateway automatically communicates with the SignalFire Gateway to discover wireless nodes in a network, collect measurements from sensors, and transmit them over cellular, Wifi, or Ethernet connections.

Enabling analysis and remote monitoring

“Using the Machfu IIoT Gateway, SignalFire customers can bring data from sensors and controllers automatically into their SCADA monitoring software dashboards for anywhere/anytime viewing and analysis, receive alerts about data outages, and remotely diagnose problems in the field,” explains John Geiger, VP, Business Development of Machfu. “The built-in SignalFire application uses the versatile MACHREACTOR engine through a simple UI interface to auto-detect nodes in a SignalFire network, collect and aggregate data from these tags to enable analysis, and enable remote monitoring by SCADA backend systems. Users can swiftly detect anomalies and facilitate rapid remediation in the field.”  

The integration of the SignalFire wireless network and the Machfu IIoT Gateway yields tremendous benefits for customers including:

  • MQTT/SparkPlugB support to integrate with a variety of leading SCADA monitoring applications
  • SignalFire Toolkit remote connectivity to monitor and troubleshoot the SignalFire nodes
  • Remote connectivity to HART® instruments using software like PactWare®
  • Flexibility of on-premise or cloud connectivity
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