Manifold With Tightness Class B for Low-Emission Applications

For fast installation on standard mounting plates

  • Manifold With Tightness Class B for Low-Emission Applications
    Manifold With Tightness Class B for Low-Emission Applications

The SB Manifold from AS-Schneider is part of a modular mounting system. It allows transmitters and gauges for general pressure and differential pressure measurements to be installed quickly and efficiently - directly on the mounting plate. In addition, the SB Manifold is suitable for hydrogen and for applications where fugitive emissions must be kept low. It complies with Shell Specification MESC SPE 60.98.56/201 and /301.

With the SB Manifold, valve manufacturer AS-Schneider offers a solution that already in the standard version fulfills tightness class B for fugitive emissions according to ISO 15848-1 as well as the TA-Luft amendment from 2021. The big advantage for the user: With the standard version, the user can comply with the limit values for pollutant emissions of plants subject to immission control approval. Standard valves and manifolds that have already been installed have been post-qualified, so to speak.

Easier installation of equipment

Another highlight distinguishes the SB Manifold: The possibility to mount it directly on a standard mounting plate according to MESC
MESC (Material and Equipment Standards and Code) is a standardization system developed by Shell to standardize materials and equipment. Other standardized accessories can also be mounted on this mounting plate. On-site piping requirements are low, and leakage is minimized. The SB Manifold enables the users an easier installation of pressure gauges and pressure transmitters.

All Instrumentation Valves and Manifolds, as well as the Double Block & Bleed Piping Ball Valves from AS-Schneider are hydrogen compliant. This allows users to operate the instrumentation valves and process valves reliably, for example when blending 20 percent hydrogen into the natural gas. Even pure hydrogen does not pose a challenge for the valves.

Safe and versatile

To ensure safety, AS-Schneider tests the strength and tightness of all manifolds according to EN 12266-1/MSS-SP61. Furthermore, no process media can reach the stem thread. Different colored protective caps prevent dust and dirt from entering the area of the spindle thread and show by the color code which function a valve has (isolate, venting or pressure equalization).

For many applications, there are matching plastic ID rings with a special color coding (e.g. oxygen or hydrogen service). This enables the user to recognize straight away that this product meets the specific application requirements. When it comes to preventing unauthorized or uncontrolled operation of a valve, AS-Schneider has the anti-tamper valve head units in its range. The standard packing material is PTFE or graphite, all non-wetted parts are made of 316 stainless steel. Depending on the flange version, the SB Manifold can withstand a pressure of 400 bar (DIN 19213) or 413 bar (IEC 61518) at 38 degrees Celsius. The maximum permissible temperature is 200 degrees Celsius according to Shell MESC specification SPE 60.98.56/201. A variety of connection options make the SB Manifold versatile (G¼ female thread, ¼-NPT or ½-NPT female thread).