Modular Vacuum Grippers

New generation of grippers with greater robustness and more communication interfaces

  • Modular Vacuum Grippers
    Modular Vacuum Grippers

COVAL's range of vacuum grippers is based on two complementary solutions. The CVGL is characterized by its lightness and great adaptability. It is available as standard in several lengths, power ratings and gripping interfaces. The MVG, on the other hand, offers the possibility of configuring the gripper to allow it to be perfectly adapted to each application by determining the length, width, gripping interface and vacuum generator while guaranteeing extreme lightness. It offers a tailored solution that integrates perfectly with handling robots. 

COVAL's new generation of vacuum grippers incorporate the CMS HD series of vacuum pumps, with a heavy-duty design, for high reliability even in harsh environments (IP65), capable of ensuring 50 million cycles. A factor of their longevity is their modular design which allows specific configurations and targeted maintenance of specific parts to optimize the rate of repairability. As a result, the new generation of CMS HD multistage pumps adds to the vacuum grippers’ reliability and adaptability. 

More options with IO-Link

The new COVAL vacuum grippers offer a choice of three multistage vacuum pump configurations, depending on the needs of the integrator or industrial engineer: non-piloted, piloted, and communicating. The latter configuration, which makes the vacuum grippers easier to use and parameterize, is obtained by integrating the CMS HD VX version of the multistage pump. It features an IO-Link communication interface, compliant with the international IEC 61131-9 standard, for fast and cost-effective installation, continuous diagnostics, centralized parameterization and efficient communication with higher-level protocols (EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, etc.). 

It can also support a Human Machine Interface (HMI) with NFC interface, enabling the operator to read and modify setup parameters and diagnostics from a mobile device (Android or IOS) using the dedicated COVAL Vacuum Manager app. 
With these capabilities, the new COVAL vacuum grippers become even more versatile and perfectly compatible with the robot manipulators at the heart of Industry 4.0. Thanks to their great modularity and ease of integration in all contexts, CVGL and MVG vacuum grippers can be found in many industries: packaging, plastic, metal, and wood for handling porous and non-porous objects.