New Generation of Explosion Isolation Valves

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Easier integration with new nominal sizes and higher flexibility in valve positioning

Explosion Protection & Safety

New Generation of Explosion Isolation Valves
New Generation of Explosion Isolation Valves

RICO Sicherheitstechnik AG is launching the next generation of the proven VENTEX® explosion protection valve and offering customers a wide range of innovations and optimizations in the field of explosion isolation. The valve now features a flow velocity of at least 30 m/s in all nominal sizes, thus ensuring an even higher level of process reliability and flexibility. The valve can be placed directly upstream or downstream of pipe bends in the pipeline; double pipe bends or combinations of pipe bends in different directions are also no problem. This is a significant advantage for plant design, as customers do not have to reserve as much space and a straight pipe section is not a requirement. The installation distance in the area of organic dusts has been extended and is between 2 m and 15 m, depending on the nominal size. These two innovations result in increased flexibility in the use of the passive explosion protection valve.

New sizes

For processes involving metallic dusts, the new VENTEX is also certified in nominal size DN400. Moreover, the new generation also achieves up to 20% better values in terms of pressure drop. In addition, RICO has responded to customer suggestions: The DN250 nominal size, which previously was not offered, has been added to the VENTEX portfolio and is now available as standard. The company also improved the maintenance modalities as part of their research and development and achieved flow and gasket optimizations. "The gaskets not only prevent a possible flameout, but also dampen the high accelerations when the valve closes in case of an explosion. During numerous explosion tests on our products, we discovered that a gasket is absolutely necessary for safety reasons and has functional advantages in terms of contamination and assembly tolerances compared to a narrow metallic gap," Lorena Rigor, the Head of Product Management and Customer Service explains. "

No-glue gaskets

All gaskets are no longer fixed with glue, but plugged in using a new type of technology, so that, in the interests of the customer, maintenance can be carried out in an equally cost-effective, simple and fast manner, which facilitates rapid recommissioning. Keeping this in mind, the complexity of our product has been generally reduced.” The new generation valve is also available as a special solution, depending on requirements. Regardless of whether a CIP version, a high-temperature valve up to +300°C or a C4 or C5 anti-corrosion coating is needed.

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