Portable valve actuator

for oil, gas and chemical processing industries

  • Portable valve actuator
    Portable valve actuator

Smith Flow Control's EasiDrive portable valve actuator securely and effectively operates valves in power plants, oil refineries, paper mills and chemical processing facilities. One operator can efficiently operate multiple valves with a single tool while reducing fatigue and injury risk. The tool is especially effective on valves that require a high number of turns or are otherwise difficult to operate because of high torque or where adverse climates (sub-zero, tropical, desert environments) make operations more challenging.

Smith Flow Control’s Singapore-based agent, Triple-Max Engineering Pte Ltd, has supplied hundreds of the EasiDrive Systems to large Petrochemical Refineries in the region to ease operation and improve efficiencies.

“Workers were straining themselves while operating the valves and we offered the EasiDrive System as a solution to their problem.” Cynthia Xu, General Manager of Triple-Max Engineering Pte Ltd said. “It is time consuming to open and close large valves that are not actuated. Two operators can spend almost 20 minutes working together to open just one 14” 1500# gear operated gate valve. By using the EasiDrive system, the time taken to operate each valve is reduced to approximately 5 minutes with just one operator, making it almost effortless.”

EasiDrive is a lightweight, portable and adaptable pneumatic tool.  The tool’s custom engineered reaction device protects the user from the “kick” normally associated with other torque tools, eliminating the possibility of any injury associated with its operation.  EasiDrive also features a variable output torque, controlled by a choice of limited pre-set Filter Regulator (FRL) packs, which prevents excessive torque being applied and ensures proper and safe operation of the valve.