Pressure valve

regulates pressure in confined spaces

  • Pressure valve
    Pressure valve

GF Piping Systems adds a full plastic Pressure Regulating Valve to its wide range of products. Its compact design ensures that the valve suits even in confined spaces. Due to consistant temperature expansion coefficients this state-of-the-art valve has a good long-term behavior, guaranteeing lasting stability without tightening or adjusting.

Today size becomes more and more an issue for OEM building skids as well as for end users that renew or extent existing installations. GF Piping Systems has developed a cutting-edge Pressure Regulating Valve which is compact in design but not lacking any performance. By using a non-rising spindle the allowable installation space could be reduced.

Standard plastic pressure regulating valves follow the design derived from metal valves which means top and body part are hold together by metal screws. Due to different temperature expansion coefficients this will lead to leakages to the outside at one point.

For many end users of plastic pressure regulating valves it has become second nature to check the screw torques and re-torque them during maintenance intervals. Even a brand-new valve might need re-torqueing before first commissioning. This is no longer necessary with the new central housing thread. Its design guarantees a long-term stability. All materials have same temperature expansion coefficients and therefore stable set point behavior is provided.

The innovative design pays special attention to initial startup as well as to maintenance. Due to the design the valve can be changed from reducing to retaining by only changing the inner cartridges. By doing so, even the change of the diaphragm for maintenance can be done quickly. Intelligent design features guide the user to the correct handling.

With the new Pressure Regulating Valve “everything” is possible, regardless whether reducing or retaining function is needed. It is available in PVC-U, PVC-C, PP-H or PVDF. Select between the standard pressure range of 0.5 – 9 bar (7-130 psi) or for low pressure ranges the more sensitive configuration for 0.3 -3 bar (4-44psi).

GF Piping Systems offers an easy to use and flexible system. Standard applications for chemical dosing and water treatment systems can be supplied as well as highly demanding applications where contamination is a topic. For special requirements especially in Microelectronics we can offer a special designed piston, elastomer free, which guarantees for no particle shedding from O-ring dynamics.