Radar tranmsitter

offers improved level control performance

  • Radar tranmsitter
    Radar tranmsitter

Magnetrol has launched the ECLIPSE Model 706 guided wave radar (GWR) transmitter with improved performance for a wide range of level and interface control applications. It is designed to provide accuracy, reliability and safety for virtually all process industries.

Latest-generation features include:

Enhanced Signal Performance – The GWR circuitry achieves both a higher transmit pulse amplitude and improved receiver sensitivity, resulting in a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). This assures precise, dependable control for every level application, including extremely low dielectric media, extended measuring ranges, and punishing conditions where foaming, boiling or flashing can occur.

Overfill Capable Probes – Unlike other GWR transmitters that use algorithms to infer level readings in top-of-the-probe dead zones, the ECLIPSE Model 706 measures true level to within specification all the way up to the process flange. Coaxial and single rod overfill capable probes can be installed in various configurations on the vessel, even when the risk of flooding exists.

Advanced Diagnostics – The transmitter takes the user interface experience to new levels of convenience and functionality. The LCD diagnostics convey critical real-time waveform and trend data with outstanding ease of use. Additionally, it can be preconfigured online prior to shipment, to ensure plug-and-play transmitter commissioning and automatic capture of echo curve during upsets.

The ECLIPSE Model 706 transmitter provides safe, efficient and cost-effective liquid level and interface control, and is virtually unaffected by fluctuating process conditions including density, dielectric, viscosity and specific gravity.