Stainless-Steel IPCs for Hygienic Food Production

Scratch-resistant and shatter-proof display with high protection class

  • Stainless-Steel IPCs for Hygienic Food Production
    Stainless-Steel IPCs for Hygienic Food Production

The stainless steel IPCs from the pro-V-pad STEEL IP69k series for system and process control in harsh and hygiene-sensitive areas of food production will be presented at AnugaFoodTec 2024 by their manufacturer proLogistik. The special features include high impermeability against the ingress of particles and moisture - especially during steam jet cleaning. The stationary and mobile IPCs are specified for an operating temperature range of -30 °C to +50 °C - a heating module is optionally available. The food-safe materials are characterised by high media resistance. The housing with its scratch-resistant and shatter-proof display made of three millimetre thick safety glass (15.6" or 21.5") fulfils all relevant design hygiene requirements. The IPCs in the pro-V-pad STEEL IP69K series are designed for Windows, Android 10 and Linux operating systems and can be customised and functionally expanded in terms of design, processor technology, screen size, user interface, connectivity and much more.

The stainless steel IPCs from proLogistik are used for recording operating and machine data, for data and process visualisation or for quality assurance in the production, processing and packaging of foodstuffs. They can be operated without restriction in work gloves and special freezer gloves - and therefore offer maximum input safety and user ergonomics.

Consistently robust and hygienically designed

The stainless steel IPCs in the pro-V-pad STEEL IP69K series are consistently designed to meet the environmental requirements in damp and wet areas, such as those commonly found in cutting plants and dairies, filler and capper lines in beverage bottling plants and the processing and packaging of food and animal feed. The stainless-steel housing with IP69K protection reliably and permanently protects the electronics inside against the ingress of dirt, dust, liquids, moisture mist and high-pressure vapour. The V4A housing material offers maximum resistance to oxidative media and aggressive substances such as those contained in many of the cleaning agents and disinfectants commonly used in industry. proLogistik has ensured that the design is consistently hygienic in order to prevent dirt pockets, spore formers and germs: The housing of the pro-V-pad STEEL IP69K is free of transitions, gaps, recesses, undercuts or dead spaces in which bacteria or microorganisms could nest. The housing surfaces with their smooth, rounded edges are inclined to ensure complete, residue-free drainage of product residues or rinsing media. In addition, the smooth surface of the V4A material makes it more difficult for microorganisms to adhere and multiply and promotes their natural die-off rate. This increases microbiological safety and offers additional protection against the risk of contamination.