Ultrasonic Sensors with Rotatable Sensor Head

Flexible and versatile sensor for easy integration

  • Ultrasonic Sensors with Rotatable Sensor Head
    Ultrasonic Sensors with Rotatable Sensor Head

The new cube ultrasonic sensors from microsonic are characterised by their flexibility and versatility. The rotatable sensor head of the sensors permit their alignment in five radiation directions and enable ideal adaptation to different applications and installation conditions. Its QuickLock mounting bracket enables the cube to be mounted quickly and easily. This enables sensor replacement without tools. The LED display on the sensor is clearly visible in all installation positions, enabling the user to keep the sensor status in view at all times.

Up to 5m measurement range

The cube sensors have a small cuboid installation dimension (40 mm x 40 mm x 40 mm). With three detection ranges, they cover a measurement range from 65 mm to 5 m. The fully equipped version is factory-set with a push-pull switching output and an analogue output. If required, the analogue output can be deactivated using LinkControl or IO-Link and a second switching output can be activated. Thus, only one sensor type with all output stages can be used for several applications. This reduces the storage capacity. In addition, a standard version with a push-pull switching output is available.

Equipped with an IO-Link interface in version 1.1, the sensor transmits identification, status and diagnostic values in addition to the measured distances. Limit values or switching points can be set easily using IO-Link. The cube ultrasonic sensors reliably detect the filling levels of liquids or bulk materials of all kinds that reflect sound. Interference elements in the application that result in unwanted echoes can be suppressed using the new interference echo suppression function.