Communicative Level Sensors

Ultrasonic sensor with IO-Link for bulk materials and liquids

  • Communicative Level Sensors
    Communicative Level Sensors

The new microsonic crm+ level sensors are equipped with IO-Link interface version 1.1. The IO-Link interface transfers measured distance values as well as identification, status and diagnosis values. It can easily be set with IO-Link maximum distances or switching points. The robust sensors cover a measuring range from 30 mm to 8 m with its five detections ranges. The additional digital display shows the measured value in mm/cm directly at the sensor. The Push-Pull switching output is used in standard-IO mode or switching output (pnp or npn).

Measurement of aggressive media

The crm+ sensors in M30 stainless steel housing detect continuously levels of liquids and all kinds of bulk materials that reflect sound. This enables non-contact level control regardless of color or transparency. Ultrasonic sensors do not have any problems with dust and fog in the measuring distance. The protective film of the crm+ sensors makes it easy to remove soiling, i.e. splashing during filling process. Additionally, level control on aggressive media is also possible.