Wireless Communication System for Remote Access to Measurement Data

Data integration into customer SCADA system, data logging and storage for maintenance

  • Wireless Communication System for Remote Access to Measurement Data
    Wireless Communication System for Remote Access to Measurement Data

KROHNE introduces OPTIBRIDGE 3880 IIoT data logger for remote data services, acquisition and evaluation. It is a fully autonomous, battery or mains powered wireless communication system for remote access to measurement data, aimed at the water & wastewater industry. Using mobile communication via 2G, 3G and 4G, OPTIBRIDGE 3880 offers a wide range of remote data management options – from simple data logging to internet connectivity and storage for maintenance, process visualisation and data evaluation. It is thus also designed for advanced applications with IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) requirements, offering flexible and modular solutions for data acquisition and analysis in smart networks.

Using integration software supplied by KROHNE, data can also be integrated into any SCADA or other software system by using industry standard protocols like e.g. OPC UA, CSV, etc. The customer has full control over their data as it is hosted on their own local server and send with end-to-end encryption.

Long battery life 

OPTIBRIDGE 3880 is the perfect companion for the battery-powered water meter WATERFLUX 3070: the “OPTIBRIDGE 3880 Setup” app for iOS & Android for on-site commissioning and configuration via Bluetooth features configuration templates for Basic IO & Modbus of the water meter. The system is also ideal for installation in flood-prone areas like manholes as it comes in a rugged IP68 rated polycarbonate housing with an integrated battery offering 6 years operating time in typical applications. Typical applications for OPTIBRIDGE 3880 include data logging and transfer of flow, pressure and temperature measurement values from water abstraction wells or water transportation pipelines, wireless communication for water meters in installation areas without power supply, and remote flow monitoring and process control in district metering applications.