ACHEMA 2012 - Flush valves

improve cleaning of viscous/sticky products' tanks

  • ACHEMA 2012 - Flush valves
    ACHEMA 2012 - Flush valves

After years of co-development with food & cosmetics manufacturers, SERVINOX presents its technology of flush valves developed specifically for tanks containing viscous and/or sticky products, equipped with a mixer including scrappers.

That kind of tank is very hard to clean as the product needs direct jet impacts to be efficiently removed; when the tank includes a mixer with scrappers, the mixer's blades generate "shadow areas" in the shaft and at the bottom of the blades. As a result, CIP time is quite long and maintenance people generally need to manually finish the cleaning to avoid any cross-contamination inside the tank.

Every SERVINOX' valve, installed in the shell of the tank, is unique; their design is made in accordance to the tank & mixer's drawings, in order to concentrate the action of the valve on areas that really need to be clean. As a result, CIP cycles are reduced by an average 30% (up to 65% in some cases) and manual cleaning is no longer needed in the end. Water & CIP products consumption is reduced, the skid's productivity is optimized & people are safe from any direct contact with toxic products & steams.