Gear- and Shaftless Direct Drive

Cooling systems are crucial parts of industrial facilities, and an efficient cooling tower is of critical importance for the performance and durability of the facility

  • Gear- and Shaftless Direct Drive
    Gear- and Shaftless Direct Drive

Traditional cooling tower systems consist of a series of components such as a motor, drive, coupling, shaft, and gearbox. These systems can encounter problems over time, such as wear and vibration, leading to malfunctions, increased maintenance requirements, and decreased energy efficiency. A breakdown of any component used in the cooling tower can lead to the tower being out of service, which can halt production.

The cooling tower of ASSAN Aluminum, one of the leading companies in its sector, is equipped with the 3KMF18 model and MF18-1.200 fill type. This design features a capacity of 12,000,000 Kcal/h, a water flow rate of 1,200 m³/h, a water inlet temperature of 40°C, and a water outlet temperature of 30°C. However, the inefficiency and lack of durability of the existing system's motor and drive components (gearbox, coupling, shaft) due to their traditional structure were a problem.

To increase the efficiency of ASSAN Aluminum's cooling tower and ensure long-term sustainability, the company collaborated with EMF Motor. With the introduction of EMF Motor, all components that could cause malfunctions were eliminated, and only the direct-drive EMF Motor was used instead.

25% reduction in electricity consumption

Additionally, the system became quieter, vibration levels were reduced, and with minimal grease replenishment, the annual maintenance requirement became much simpler. This collaboration was a significant step in terms of both technological innovation and operational efficiency. It increased the performance of cooling towers while reducing operating costs and environmental impact. Such innovations have increased the competitiveness of industrial facilities and created a more sustainable business model.
This groundbreaking work in the field of industrial cooling is a joint project of EMF Motor and Cenk Industrial Plants Manufacturing.