ATEX-approved SAW Flowmeter

Hygienic measurement without media contacting sensor elements

  • ATEX-approved SAW Flowmeter
    ATEX-approved SAW Flowmeter

Bürkert offers its FLOWave flowmeter Type 8098 as an ATEX-certified version up to Ex zone 2 for production processes in potentially explosive atmospheres. It can be used now in Ex zones with flammable solvents such as alcohols, e.g. for the production of pharmaceutical products, spirits, semiconductors and paints. 

The compact and lightweight device measures the volume flow independent of the medium’s conductivity and is, therefore, also suitable for measuring ultrapure water and alcohols. It can thus be used, e.g., for the production of pharmaceutical products, spirits, paints and varnishes. The flow sensor also measures the temperature and the density factor and can quickly and reliably detect any media change, e.g. during rinsing processes. It supports Bürkert’s EDIP (Efficient Device Integration Platform) for easy digital integration into the system control.

Hygienic measurements thanks to SAW technology

The flowmeter operates according to the SAW method (Surface Acoustic Waves). When using this measuring principle with acoustic surface waves, there are no dead legs or sensor elements in the measuring tube. The CIP/SIP-capable flowmeters can thus be cleaned just as easily as normal pipelines, which reduces operating costs. All media contacting parts are made of stainless steel. The sensors thus meet the highest hygiene standards and facilitate the validation of production or cleaning processes.