Average temperature transmitter

emulates the behaviour of legacy equipment

  • Average temperature transmitter
    Average temperature transmitter

MHT Technology provides a cost effective solution to make the most of existing investment whilst keeping options open for future projects. Why replace an entire temperature measurement system when valuable working equipment such as multi-resistance thermometers (MRTs) can be reused?

The transmitter can emulate the behaviour of legacy equipment and communicate on existing tank gauging field bus systems, making the migration to the TT22 much easier and often cheaper than the original manufacturer’s product. The TT22 protects the investments made, as it will work with any make of tank gauge choosen in the future by the simple replacement of a fieldbus module.

The integrated temperature multiplexer and transmitter offers temperature measurement independent of the level gauge, level gauge is only required to calculate average product temperature. The transmitter can be installed on existing tank gauging fieldbus systems e.g. Enraf BPM, Saab TRL2, Whessoe Current Loop, Varec Mark/Space, L&J Tankway, HART, Scientific Instruments, Endress + Hauser and Motherwell. It accepts up to a 22 point multi-element averaging or multi-spot temperature sensor and features a local display for indication of measured data including level if available. the device is approved for installation into a hazardous area.

The sister product to the TT22 is the ATT22, which loses the graphical display, but adds three 4‑20mA/HART inputs in addition to the 22 input temperature multiplexer and transmitter. The added interfaces allow other sensors such as pressure, density and flow to be collected and transmitted by the ATT22 in one compact tank top data concentrator.