Benzene-Specific Monitor

Enhanced sensitivity to fulfil tighter international regulation

  • Benzene-Specific Monitor
    Benzene-Specific Monitor

ION Science has launched a new, dramatically upgraded version of Titan, maintaining its position as the only fixed benzene-specific monitor in the world; Titan 2. In accordance with recent legislation changes, Titan 2 offers enhanced stability and sensitivity, supporting ION’s continued mission of protecting lives and preserving the environment.

Benzene as toxic, carcinogenic gas represents a serious threat to many workers, as well as the environment, it is therefore vital that staff are protected by monitors that can continuously measure benzene at the low levels required by increasingly stringent international regulations. 

Titan 2 delivers unrivalled accuracy and sensitivity in benzene detection and is ideal for use in a variety of sectors, such as oil & gas, bulk storage facilities, chemical manufacturing and processing, and asphalt production. Users of the original Titan will be familiar with the instrument’s accuracy and performance, however, within the new Titan 2 they will see core enhancements, such as a new rugged manifold, a piezoelectric micro pump for enhanced stability, a lower limit of detection, and updated PC software for easier management and control.

Regulatory requirements drive need for sensitivity

Legal requirements for an occupational exposure limit (OEL) for benzene in the EU currently have a maximum 8-hour TWA (Time weighted average) of 1 ppm (3.25 mg/m3). However, from 5th April 2024, the long-term exposure limit will be reduced to 0.5 ppm – and will be cut again from April 2026 to just 0.2 ppm (Directive (EU) 2022/431 of the European parliament of the council, March 2022).

Regulatory requirements are therefore driving the need for greater sensitivity, and these needs are met by Titan 2. Thanks to innovative technology in conjunction with industry-leading PID sensor technology, the Titan 2 has a reduced likelihood of cross-sensitivity and can detect benzene rapidly at levels as low as 0.02 parts per million (20 parts per billion). At the other end of the scale, it can detect benzene at up to 20 ppm, delivering high speed and high sensitivity. Titan 2 captures a gas sample once every 60 seconds. The sample is then conditioned within a further 60 seconds to allow precise benzene measurement, ensuring a consistent flow of real-time data. The piezoelectric micro pump in the latest version delivers enhanced pressure and flow accuracy to ensure a rapid response and unrivalled reliability. The device also features visible alarm capability, triggering an alert when benzene concentrations reach either of two operator-configurable levels. Twin relay outputs enable the user to integrate the unit with existing site alarm systems, while easy-to-use firmware allows a simplified calibration procedure. For analysis of readings captured by Titan 2, both 4-20mA and RS485 MODBUS communication protocols can be utilised. Titan 2 has been designed to comply with international safety standards, including ATEX and IECEx, making it safe for use in any environment, as well as featuring an IP65 Ingress Protection rating.