Highly Sensitive Gas Leak Detector

For a wide range of industrial applications

  • Highly Sensitive Gas Leak Detector
    Highly Sensitive Gas Leak Detector

ION Science has announced the launch of the new Panther gas leak detector, featuring a host of new features and twice the sensitivity of its predecessor, the GasCheck G. The new detector has a highly sensitive thermal conductivity sensor that is able to rapidly detect a variety of gases, the most popular applications are helium, hydrogen, ammonia and refrigerants. 

Data logging and Bluetooth 

The Panther PRO allows users to zero the instrument in ambient air, providing visual, audible and vibration alarms when leaks are detected. A colour LCD display and a built-in Gas-Table enables the measurement of concentration and leak rates in a variety of user-selectable units. All measurements can be logged internally and downloaded via Bluetooth or USB. The Panther also features an integrated torch and a flexible probe, which help in low light and restricted areas. For smaller budgets, a basic Panther model is available. This instrument has the same features as the PRO version, but without data logging and Bluetooth capabilities. Panther and Panther PRO have been designed for demanding applications and challenging environments, with an internal rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 19 hours.