Custom Filter Housing

The new filter housing for an advanced research laboratory had to be dimensionally the same as the existing unit

  • Custom Filter Housing
    Custom Filter Housing

A world renowned advanced research laboratory has chosen Amazon Filters has designed and supplied a custom filter housing to a world renowned advanced research laboratory, to replace an ageing cooling water ring  main filter.

Because of the criticality of the application, the new filter housing had to be dimensionally the same as the existing unit to fit into place without altering any pipework. Unable to access or view the ring main filter to be replaced, as it was shrouded and radioactive, the Amazon Filters design team had to use old customer drawings and details from the 1980's to produce accurate and detailed manufacturing specifications. Drawing upon their highly experienced design and manufacturing teams, Amazon Filters were able to quickly build and supply a bespoke filter housing to meet the exact required dimensions.

Off the shelf filtration systems 

Often contractors prefer to source an off the shelf solution when looking for filtration systems. However, where the project is very large, specialised or complex, standard filtration products may be far from the ideal so a bespoke system is needed. Amazon Filters have the proven design and project management capability to deliver large, specialised and complex filtration systems to customers around the world.