Customizable Human-Centric Communication Platform for Process Manufacturing

Smooth and efficient handovers for greater information transparency for safer and more productive plants

  • Customizable Human-Centric Communication Platform for Process Manufacturing
    Customizable Human-Centric Communication Platform for Process Manufacturing

Global software developer eschbach is expanding the European setup for its Shiftconnector® Plant Process Management software to further increase support for chemical and pharma manufacturers in maximizing efficiency and fostering employee safety and production quality.

Demand for the interactive management platform has increased significantly since experience from handling the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the advantages of digital communication among manufacturing teams. In line with this, eschbach is strengthening its regional application and technical teams to step up its local presence and software customization capabilities. 

Tailored reports for plants and workcenters

“24/7 plant operations rely on people, and digital support for teams has helped them to sustain manufacturing processes, manage issues and maintain quality in abnormal situations during the crisis. And it continues to provide valuable support as they move forward with in-person, remote and hybrid working,” comments Andreas Eschbach, CEO.

Alongside the existing trend to increase digitization and automation in process manufacturing, the Plant Process Management software encourages human-centric, transparent communication involving everyone from the shop floor up. It is unique in capturing and sharing compliance and asset performance data between all levels of personnel, from equipment operators to shift managers and corporate functions. Reporting can be tailored to the needs of each plant and its workcenters, giving a comprehensive, easy-to-review picture of routine actions, flagged events and status.

Andreas Eschbach continues: “We’re very proud to hear from customers that our solution is engaging the essential, frontline plant workers in easily sharing their knowledge, as this is vital for ensuring a safer, more productive environment. No one wants information to be missed that could cause otherwise avoidable issues at a later stage. Our Shiftconnector® connects every person of the shift crew and we’re very excited to be extending its availability and support with further implementation partners in Europe.”

Higher information transparency

Plants operated by major process manufacturers in 21 countries are already using Shiftconnector as a means of improving inter-team communication, creating a seamless handover process. Key clients report greater information transparency, insightful asset performance reports and smoother handovers, all of which can contribute ultimately towards managing workplace safety, and optimizing quality and performance. The Plant Process Management platform can also be used in conjunction with eschbach’s io.Performance solution which offers effective and transparent real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) analysis, supporting continuous improvement in production processes.