Diaphragm pumps

for corrosive fluid systems

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    Diaphragm pumps

Wanner's Hydra-Cell seal-less, high pressure diaphragm pumps have been available for some time with the fluid end machined from Kynar PVDF, a high temperature engineering fluoropolymer famed for its high purity and outstanding resistance to a wide range of aggressive, corrosive chemicals… notably concentrated sulphuric and hydrochloric acids. Now these pumps are available with stainless steel DIN flange fittings and Kynar mating surfaces, making Hydra-Cell pumps even easier to incorporate into corrosive fluid systems. Kynar pipework is used extensively in the chemical processing, pulp & paper and semiconductor manufacturing industries.

Kynar liquid heads are available for Hydra-Cell G03, G10, G20, G25 pumps covering a range of performance from 3.79 lpm to 76 lpm at pressures up to 24 bar (350 psi) and are also available on the Hydra-Cell metering pump range.

Exceeding the performance requirements of API 675 in terms of repeatability, linearity and steady state accuracy, the Hydra-Cell pump’s multi-diaphragm configuration generates virtually pulse-less flow, removing the need for dampeners in most applications.