Digital Sorters for Food Products

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Different Sensor options and AI for sorting processes

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Digital Sorters for Food Products
Digital Sorters for Food Products

Key Technology introduces their VERYX® 2.0 line of digital sorters. Featuring a new mechanical layout, next-generation LED illumination, enhanced laser scanner technology, new powerful software driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and more, VERYX 2.0 advances high performance sorting of food products. VERYX 2.0 eases use, reduces operating costs and improves the accuracy of foreign material (FM) and defect removal to optimize product quality and maximize yield.

With the new mechanical layout VERYX 2.0 belt sorters’ architecture houses all utility components within the frame, eliminating the need for an external enclosure. All door seals have been updated to a new patented design. Additional sanitation upgrades further ensure VERYX 2.0 can withstand even the harshest operating environments over long production cycles. A next-generation LED illumination system delivers higher intensity light with less scatter and reduced shadowing effects, which improves the sorter’s FM and defect detection. Featuring components with up to twice the life expectancy of previous-generation LED lighting, the new LED illumination reduces operating costs at the same time it improves sort performance.

Higher resolution for better object differentiation 

VERYX 2.0 also introduces Key’s enhanced laser scanner technology. New digital receivers produce the highest resolution available while delivering a signal that is more accurate and consistent. As a result the laser scanners create more contrast to better differentiate various types of objects, which enables more precise FM and defect removal while reducing good product loss and improving yield. Using AI technology, Key has enhanced the functionality of its FM Alert™ software for VERYX 2.0. FM Alert is a monitoring tool that sends alerts if a critical FM event occurs and records a time-stamped image of each critical FM object detected by the sorter. It allows an operator to verify the critical FM has been sorted out and enables the processor to understand FM trends and research sources of possible contamination onto the line. AI techniques assist FM Alert in analyzing captured FM images to further improve the accuracy of its record-keeping.

Key’s VERYX 2.0 family includes belt- and chute-fed sorters of various sizes, configurable to address a range of product applications and production capacities. Tailored to meet the unique needs of each food processor, Key can equip VERYX 2.0 with cameras, laser sensors and/or BioPrint® hyperspectral imaging technology to identify the color, size, shape, structural composition and biological properties of each object.

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