Dissolved Oxygen Sensor With HART Interface

Bluetooth communication allows app access with mobile devices

  • Dissolved Oxygen Sensor With HART Interface
    Dissolved Oxygen Sensor With HART Interface

The business unit Process Analytics of Hamilton Bonaduz introduced a revised version of the sensor VisiTrace DO to the market: the optical dissolved oxygen sensor VisiTrace mA. The new generation is now equipped with a new HART interface in addition to its 4-20 mA output. This digital protocol, that is prevalent in hazardous areas, allows communication with the corresponding field devices. Naturally, VisiTrace mA can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres due to its ATEX and IECEx certifications. 

Internal storage of calibration data

The integrated micro-transmitter not only provides both interfaces with a robust signal, it also allows the new Bluetooth 5 interface to communicate with mobile devices equipped with the operating systems Android or iOS and the ArcAir app. Sensor data and configuration can be accessed with the app. Furthermore, calibration and configuration reports can be generated via the app and forwarded as pdf. Consequently, transcription errors of handwritten records are a thing of the past. The micro-transmitter stores calibration data in the sensor head, so that, after calibration in the lab, the sensor can be stored on the shelf and deployed at any time. Like the complete VisiFerm sensor family, VisiTrace mA is also based on the optical measurement principle and is intended for use in aqueous media. The sensor shows a high process stability despite of the measurement range of 0-2000 ppb.