Distillation equipment

all systems have the characteristics of small-medium sized, centralized, automatic controlled, easy operating and beautiful outlook

  • Distillation equipment
    Distillation equipment

DYE distillation equipment is the researching and developing results of DYE company brewer and domestic brewing experts. DYE stilling equipment can make wine, whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila, rum, brandy and other distilled spirits. All systems have the characteristics of small-medium sized, centralized, automatic controlled, easy operating and beautiful outlook. Can be used small-medium sized workshops, hotels etc.

Bubble cap improvement analysis:

Bubble cap plate tower is the earliest plate tower applied to in industry, which mainly consists of lifting pipe and bubble cap. Bubble cap was mounted at the top of the lifting pipe. In a bubble column plate, liquid flow through it, keeping certain height through overflow weir, and forming a liquid seal when the slot immerses in liquid layer. When rising gas goes into the liquid layer through the slot, it was fragmented into many small bubbles, forming bubbling layer in the plate, which provides a great interfacial area for heat transfer and mass transfer of gas-liquid in the two phases. DYE's design is based on the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional plate tower and the feedback of customers. We made a series of improvements, including the unique design of fasteners- using copper flat head screws and, reducing the slot from 1.6mm to 0.4mm, still maintaining the bubble cap's strength to prevent deformation tightening. This is a new revolution. After two years of customer feedback, distillation time reduced by 30%, saving a lot of energy consumption. This improvement is very successful.

Bubble cap specifications: DN26, DN38, DN45, DN52, DN65, DN76

Seal improvement analysis:

The seal DYE is using now is the high temperature Teflon coated with O-seal, which perfectly combines rubber's elasticity and seal with Teflon's chemical resistance. It is made from a silica core and a relatively thin Teflon PFA. The rubber Teflon seal has an excellent sealing performance. Most manufacturers use rubber or silica gel O-seal, which are easily wore out, poor in corrosion resistance, aging resistance and gas permeation performance. The pure Teflon O-seal is less flexible, though it is good in tightness and resistance to compression. The seal covered with Teflon PFA O-seal has well anti swelling property and chemical stability (unless eroded by alkali metal, fluoride and some halides in high temperature). And it has good elasticity near the rubber O-seal. What's more, friction coefficient of Teflon PFA is very small (only 0.1~0.2), and it has excellent anti gas permeation performance. All of these make the seal can be really used in harsh environments. Applicable temperature range: Teflon PFA shell: -60 °C ~260 °C. It can be used for a short time at 300 °C. For rubber or silica gel O-seal, there will be a smell when the temperature is to 90 degrees Celsius.

Screw improvement analysis:

This screw is used for fastening bubble cap and ascending pipe in the gas-liquid contact original. The screws DYE usd before was stainless steel SUS304L inner hexagon screws and cross-screws. In use process, we found that there was residue in cross-screws after distilling, which provided the growth conditions for microbial proliferation. Thus, there was some peculiar smell in spirits, could not be removed after repeated cleaning. At last, it was cleaned only after the disassembly of the tower. After DYE technology department's discussing, we use the copper flat head screws, the unique design makes it possible to tighten or loosen the screws through the bubble cap. To reduce sulfur in distillation process and increase the alcohol taste, we choose red copper as the material now.

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