Dual H2S/CO2 Analyzer

Two-in-One Analyzer for measuring hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) as part of quality and process control

  • Dual H2S/CO2 Analyzer
    Dual H2S/CO2 Analyzer

H2S and CO2 occur naturally in natural gas and crude petroleum. Their removal in natural gas production is important for protecting gas transmission pipelines and sweetening sour-smelling natural gas to ensure product quality. Raw biogas composed of carbon dioxide, H2S, and other gases occur in landfills when organic materials and waste break down. While a possible sustainable feedstock, biogas must to purified of contaminant gases before its use in industrial applications and energy products.  

With the combination of its standalone H2S and CO2 Analyzers in the CS Hound Dual Analyzer Keco now offers a fast and cost-effective method for measuring H2S and CO2 in natural gas, biogas, and air. Employing microprocessor-based technology, the CS Hound provides continuous online analysis based on NDIR sensor for and electrochemical cell technologies.  

Operation in Division 2 (Zone 2)

In operation, gas analyzed for H2S and CO2 is regulated to 10 psi, then controlled to a flow of approximately 1.5 SCFH. The gas is, then, introduced to an electrochemical detection element and NDIR sensor that provides an output proportional to gas concertation. A 4-20mA DC output is analyzed by an advanced microprocessor and related software. A touch-screen LCD provides current and previous readings, historical and real-time charts, alarm conditions, and failure indicators. The CS Hounds offers ppm level measurement of CO2 from 0-500 ppm/v up to 100% by volume and H2S from 0-2000 ppm by volume. The analyzer provides concentration and diagnostic alarms via Modbus and the sensor. The operating temperature range is -10°C to 50°C, with units built for operation in Division 2 (Zone 2) hazardous locations. The CS Hound Online process analyzer is low maintenance, with limited moving parts. It requires no paper tapes, solutions, or scrubber media for gas detection. Wetted parts and quality materials ensure long-term operation in process streams without reactions.