Electromagnetic insertion flowmeter

offers low flow cut off function

  • Electromagnetic insertion flowmeter
    Electromagnetic insertion flowmeter

The Bürkert insertion EMF 8045 is an all-purpose flowmeter. Its advantages are the free combinability with fittings and the local calibration (Teach In) without further expensive special equipment. In many applications, which force the flowmeter to work in the lower measuring range, a fast changing display and output of measurement values are on the one hand unattractive and on the other hand there could be a negative influence on the further use of measurement values. The type 8045 offers a so called low flow cut off function. This functionality allows setting a limit below which the measurement value is set to zero, with consequences on the display, the totalizers and outputs. A special symbol shows if the function is on. So it is possible to adapt the limit for every single process.

More and more the customers like to control a device from remote (e. g. via SPS). For this purpose a digital input is now available, which can be configured via the menu of the 8045. So it is possible to reset the totalizer, to go into the HOLD mode, to start a zero point calibration and to activate a replacement measurement value.

Measurement devices are often used in badly lit areas. To enable a local reading and a parameter setting without an additional lamp, type 8045 now offers an adjustable backlit display.

Self-diagnostics and easy device status recognisability are getting more and more important. A third LED is implemented to easily allow viewing the device status from remote. The three colours green, orange and red immediately signal if the device status is good or if a warning or an error is active.