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increase update rates on wireless instruments

  • Energy harvesters
    Energy harvesters

Perpetuum's Vibration Energy Harvesters can eliminate the need for battery replacement even at data collection update rates faster than 5 seconds. For a long time harvesters have been recognised as the way to eliminate battery changes thus avoiding the cost, disruption and logistical challenges associated with replacing batteries in Wireless Sensor Networks. This is especially true in hazardous or remote locations where the cost of changing batteries escalates rapidly.

Results from field trials in Process Monitoring environments have demonstrated the value of Vibration Energy Harvesters and shown that the latest production harvester power output is even higher than previously achieved. This means update rates can usually be very much higher without premature battery failure.

Appreciation of the cost benefits, ease of installation and flexibility is driving the rapid growth in installation of wireless field instruments. As a result, Perpetuum Vibration Energy Harvesters are rapidly being realized as the power solution of choice by Automation OEMs and end-users alike, mitigating the concerns of unnecessary maintenance logistics. Early adopters have been delighted with both the significant increases in update rate and the elimination of battery changes achievable with Perpetuum’s Vibration Energy Harvesters.