Thursday, 14 December 2017

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Industrial Applications

European Plant with Boosted Process Equipment Manufacturing Capability

SPX Flow has recently expanded production capabilities by opening a new manufacturing campus in Europe, which is able to produce an extensive range of hygienic valves, plate heat exchangers, pumps, homogenizers and process systems

Posted on March 27, 2017 - ( views)

by Sara Ibrahim

The new opened SPX Flow facility was a huge investment made aiming at quality and efficiency. The facility in Central Europe is fitted with advanced manufacturing equipment and a highly trained workforce to ensure components are made to the highest quality standards with streamlined inventory processes that keep them readily available at competitive prices. This enables SPX FLOW to offer its customers rapid delivery of precision engineered products that are designed for long life and dependable performance.

Hygienic valves manufactured in the new plant include automatic and manual versions for shut off, flow diversion, throttling control, aseptic, and mix proof applications. All are designed to be lightweight, maintenance friendly, and cost-effective. Innovative designs include the DA3+ double seat mix proof with seat lifting, the MS4/MSP4 aseptic series, the SWcip4 and SD4 double seal configurations, the highly versatile SW4 single seat series, and advanced CU4 control units.

A wide range of sanitary plate heat exchangers are also produced in the new plant. These include gasketed, semi-welded and welded configurations in a variety of plate materials, corrugation patterns, plate heights, gasket types and connection options. It also manufactures SPX FLOW’s leading homogenizer machinery with a selection of materials and homogenization valve types available to ensure an even dispersion characteristic across a wide range of applications and processing conditions; including abrasive, sterile and highly viscous fluids. Overall, the extensive product portfolio, multiple configuration options, ability to fully customize solutions means SPX FLOW can provide solutions for countless applications worldwide.

The European plant represents a multi-million dollar investment for SPX FLOW and is part of its commitment and strategy to ensure an outstanding customer experience. Every product that is produced at the new 28,000 m2 facility undergoes multiple quality checks prior to shipment to ensure it completely meets specification and quality standards.

The new centre also offers dedicated spares and aftermarket support operations. Inventory profiles are managed to meet lead time requirements with warehouse teams focused on achieving daily shipping goals for incredibly rapid deliveries. Furthermore, the new plant is located close to major transportation hubs with easy connection to primary carriers to ensure accurate shipping and enable overnight deliveries. The factory represents a significant investment to advance SPX FLOW manufacturing capability and support global demand for its high quality products. 

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