Flexible processes
Flexible processes
Flexible processes
Flexible processes

Photoelectric, optical and contrast sensors guarantee the highest efficiency and safety investment in confectionary production and packaging at Manner, Austria.

Josef Manner & Comp. AG is one of Austria's leading confectionary manufacturers. The extent of their product range presents huge challenges regarding flexibility of production or packaging processes, particularly with seasonal business or during retail campaigns. Reliable detection, controlling, counting and sorting are the most important tasks for sensors on Manner systems. Application conditions vary considerably however, with cramped installation situations, passive sources of interference and changing sizes and designs of products/packaging, all of which require individual sensor solutions. Manner therefore prefers to use a single source for these sensors, for the positive effect this has on operational safety, availability and economic efficiency of its systems.  

The breadth and depth of the SICK sensor range provides Manner with an ideal solution for each task from a single source. Manner uses photoelectric sensors from various series (W4, W9, W11, W12) for product data capture, quality control, monitoring of packages and counting applications. Key to their decision were, depending on the application, the miniature construction, large scanning range, low sensitivity to interference, user-friendliness and optimal price/performance ratio of all features.

Manner use optical Food & Beverage sensors and inductive sensors with IP 69K enclosure rating and DIN 40050 conform (IMF, INOX), particularly in places where unpackaged products are handled, filled or packaged so that the system needs to be cleaned regularly. With material compositions tested and certified by ECOLAB and JohnsonDiversey plus industry-appropriate installation and connection solutions, mature, cost-efficient automation solutions are possible even in the raw product environment.

In final packaging, the various materials, shapes and sizes of packages, changing scanning distances, colors, shapes and contrast relations plus high process speeds present particular challenges. Manner solves these problems using (KT5) contrast sensors, which guarantee a high degree of flexibility when changing products and formats

Customer Benefit include flexible reactions to changing production requirements, the possibility for quick changeover between different products and packaging types and the single-source sensor and industry competence for optimal solutions with minimal procurement costs

The intelligence, robustness and versatility of the sensor solutions enable Manner to adjust its production to new requirements quickly so it can cope with demand optimally, even during campaign times or seasonal business periods. The sensors can be adapted to Manner's flexibility requirements for variants and capacity accordingly with little effort, guaranteeing optimal commercial processes, both in production and in packaging. Manner's numerous applications result in a wide range of challenges but due to SICK's comprehensive range and many years of experience in the food and packaging industry, it was able to solve all Manner's problems using appropriate, inter-coordinated sensors from a single source, thus minimizing procurement and storage costs.

Edited by: Constanze Schmitz

Posted on October 25, 2010 - (182 views)
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