Heavy-Duty Coriolis Flow Meter

Compact device for low flow rate measurement

  • Heavy-Duty Coriolis Flow Meter
    Heavy-Duty Coriolis Flow Meter

Bronkhorst High-Tech, specialist in low flow measurement and control technology, presents a new, compact, and robust Coriolis mass flow meter. The mini CORI-FLOW MI100 series integrates an innovative flow sensor and electronics into a weatherproof housing, equipped with cable glands and screw terminals, suitable for industrial applications. 

Integrated PID controller

The reliable meter utilizes integrated optical sensor technology, ensuring highly precise measurement of extremely low gas and liquid flows, ranging from 1 g/h to 30 kg/h. As a standard feature, the flow meter includes an integrated PID controller, allowing for the creation of a compact flow control system when combined with a close-coupled pump or valve. The instrument also offers additional functionalities, such as alarms and counters, and boasts extensive connectivity options supporting RS232/RS485, Industrial Ethernet, or analog I/O for seamless integration into any system.