Readout & control units

for lab-style and IP65 instruments

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    Readout & control units

Bronkhorst High-Tech presents the re-designed generation of BRIGHT multifunctional local Readout and Control units. Innovations include 1.8 inch colour TFT screen with wide angle visibility. Some cost options are now included as standard, for example the mounting accessories for tube, panel or wall mounting will now always be included. Equally important though is the fact that the functionalities, menu structure, compact and design remain unchanged.

The R/C-modules offer the users of the company's Mass Flow Meters/Controllers the possibility of local indication and operation: flow-rate in actual values or percentage, selection of various fluids, setpoint adjustment, counter function and alarms.

The BRIGHT models are available for lab-style instruments and for instruments with IP65 housing. Communication between such an instrument and the module is established over the RS-232 digital communication port. The R/C module can be mounted either directly on the instrument, on an adjacent wall / panel, or on the instrument’s pipe-work.