High flow filter regulators

enables more responsive valve solutions

  • High flow filter regulators
    High flow filter regulators

Ascendant Technologies, a specialist valve automation company serving the UK oil and gas sector, has selected filter regulators from ASCO Numatics to help improve the response speed of its valve solutions. By deploying the ASCO Numatics 342 Series of filter regulators, which have a large flow rate, Ascendant Technologies is able to meet the needs of its customers by offering a solution with a significantly reduced valve closure time.

Filter regulator flow rates are critical in determining the time required to close a valve. ASCO Numatics ½” stainless steel filter regulators incorporate moulded reinforced diaphragms, which enable a flow rate up to 4430 l/min. Following performance tests, Ascendant Technologies concluded that the ASCO regulator reduced the valve closure time from 11.7 to 7 seconds.

“To meet end user requirements, we needed to improve the response speed of our valve solution,” said Andy McDuff, General Manager, Ascendant Technologies. “We tested a number of filter regulators from different suppliers and the ASCO device outperformed its rivals, helping to significantly reduce the valve closing time.”

For Emergency Shut-Down (ESD) applications the response time of the valve can be critical. If the filter regulator is unable to pass enough air to enable the actuator to close the valve in the specified time, then a booster may need to be fitted. This adds to the overall cost and increases the number of potential leak points.

The Series 342 is suitable for ambient temperatures from -40°C up to +80°C (-50°C for arctic conditions is available on request) and for compressed air and gases. It can therefore be installed across many industries, including chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, refinery, power generation, pulp & paper and process plants.