Hygienic Valve Control Units

Enabling IO-Link communication with automation systems

  • Hygienic Valve Control Units
    Hygienic Valve Control Units

The new Alfa Laval ThinkTop IO-Link enhance communication between your hygienic valves and Industry 4.0 automation systems. The point-to-point IO-Link communication protocol connects sensors and actuators—regardless of fieldbus—to your automation systems. This enables real-time data exchange, improving diagnostics and simplifying configurability and control. ThinkTop IO-Link is perfect for use in the dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and home-personal care industries. 

Why the ThinkTop IO-Link?

Users benefit from shorter installation time due to convenient M12 connectors and automatic recording of the hygienic valve stroke duration. Smarter time adjustments are enabled by the ability to assign priority to critical data. Flexibility is enhanced as a result of the capability to change data and process parameters from a remote automation system. Experience better daily operations due to enhanced data storage, availability and analytics. Valve cleaning could be optimized using the devices and a remote programmable logic controller to switch between standard time-based seat lift cleaning and burst seat cleaning. The clearly visible LEDs with customizable colours and flashing-light ‘wink’ function eases valve identification on the automation system to the factory floor and a pressure shock counter for nearly instant detection of valve movements is integrated.