Intrinsically Safe Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone

Clear communications with workers in hazardous areas

  • Intrinsically Safe Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone
    Intrinsically Safe Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone

The ECOM Instruments RSM-Ex 01 BT Z0 comes with an IP65/67 rating and a built-in noise reduction function. It produces clear, high-volume audio up to 103 dB. The remote speaker microphone is extremely robust and yet very flat and ergonomic to wear on the body. It is intuitive and easy to use, even when wearing gloves. The built in BT Interface allows a connection to industrial BT devices like Radios, Tablets and Smartphones, and of course to current and future ECOM products. 

Long battery life

The speaker microphone provides additional buttons like Chanel Up/Down that allows an easy channel switching on the RSM and it is lone worker ready by providing a red SOS button. This way workers can call for help quickly and easily connecting to the company’s headquarters or directly to an emergency operations centre nearby. The included 2200 mAh Li-ion battery pack secures a long operating time up to 78 hours. Therefore the RSM-Ex 01 BT Z0 can stay in operation for several shifts before changing the device or battery back. The magnetic charging cable and optional charging cradle make charging easy even in dusty environments and extends the equipment’s lifecycle. 

Individual button settings

The device also offers several possibilities for a customized button individualisation, when combined with the Ex-Handy 10 Series by ECOM for example, the RSM-Ex 01 BT Z0 allows individual button settings for sending custom commands to servers and other IoT switches. This makes everyday work easier for employees by enabling them to perform frequently performed tasks, such as opening a gate, with a single keystroke.