IP65 WLAN client

for less-demanding applications

  • IP65 WLAN client
    IP65 WLAN client

The Hirschmann industry-grade IP65 WLAN client BAT-C is a basic and inexpensive client, which can be cost-effectively deployed in any WLAN installation where there is no need for high-end clients. Supporting the new IEEE 802.11n transmission standard, the BAT-C has a data rate of up to 150 Mbps. Fast roaming ensures an uninterrupted connection while switching from one radio cell to another. Other features include management and encryption functions, a temperature range of -40 to 70°C, a 24 V power supply, and a compact design. All this means the client is suitable for a wide range of stationary and mobile WLAN applications in industrial environments. Thanks to its E1 approval, it can also be used to set up a wireless connection from buses and other vehicles to an Ethernet network.

The robust metal housing can be installed vertically or horizontally and requires very little space due to its compact measurements. The client is simple to configure thanks to an integrated web interface. Management can be performed using either SNMP MIB 2 or an AT command interface. Secure encryption functions are available in the form of IEEE 802 11i, WPA2 and PSK/AES. Two LEDs on the front of the housing indicate the current network and power supply statuses.

Operating at either 5 or 2.4GHz, the radio module's antenna connection is designed for a N-type plug. An M12 port is provided for connecting to Ethernet networks. The 24V power supply also uses this type of connection, a method that has proved to be extremely reliable in industrial environments over a good many years.