IP67 RFID Interfaces with new IIoT Functions

Firmware update adds AutoID Companion Specification V. 1.01 for OPC UA and HF bus mode to functionalities.

  • IP67 RFID Interfaces with new IIoT Functions
    IP67 RFID Interfaces with new IIoT Functions

A free firmware update makes Turck's IP67 RFID interfaces fit for barrier-free communication in IIoT applications, such as for simple product identification and tracking. While the OPC UA server with the AutoID Companion Specification V. 1.01 ensures smooth direct communication with MES, PLC, ERP or cloud systems, Turck's HF bus mode offers cost benefits for applications with many read points. Users also benefit from the negligible integration effort required for HF and UHF systems.

For up to 128 read points 

The firmware update makes the TBEN-L5-4RFID-8DXP-OPC-UA the first RFID module with an integrated OPC UA server to support Turck's HF bus mode, which allows the connection of up to 32 HF read/write devices to each individual RFID input. With four RFID channels per module, this means that up to 128 read points can be captured and parameterized centrally. The new firmware also enables the continuous reading of UID/EPC or RFID user data. In this way, an MES or SAP system can for example receive or process data at any time as an event message without executing a method. It is activated by setting a variable that is also still active after a power reset so that the RFID system can continue to reliably supply data even after a power failure. 

The new web server with optimized user guidance and intuitive design enables the web-based configuration of the OPC UA server including the UHF parameters and supplies UHF tools for testing the reading of tags.