Leak detection and monitoring,

transmitting data wirelessly back to a web server

  • Leak detection and monitoring,
    Leak detection and monitoring,

The next-generation version of HWM’s PermaNet leak detection and monitoring system represents a more compact, more efficient and more cost-effective way to combat water leakage.

Permanently-deployed Permalog+ leak noise loggers listen for the noise made by water leaking from pipes all day, every day, transmitting their data wirelessly back to a web server. It is an infinitely scalable system that saves time, man-hours and fuel – and enables a faster response to reduce leakage runtime and minimise water loss volume.

Working with ALMOS LEAK software, GPS and GPRS data telemetry lets leakage teams constantly monitor their network status for instant response to incidents: logger location and data is overlaid on Google mapping, with leak alerts and data showing live onscreen in addition to being sent by email or SMS.

Historical data is always available for more thorough analysis of current or potential issues, allowing for easier, better and more economical control of problem areas. The effectiveness of Permalog® technology has been proven all around the world – from Las Vegas to Beijing – and recent advances including reduced GPRS data cost and a more compact unit housing make remote network monitoring more cost-efficient than ever before.