Magnetic Drive Pumps RMI / RMA

The two additional pump sizes can nearly double the capacity featured

  • Magnetic Drive Pumps RMI / RMA
    Magnetic Drive Pumps RMI / RMA

At the ACHEMA 2012 trade show, Richter presented the PFA-lined magnetic drive pumps RMI and RMA series. Since then the products have been introduced in all major chemical markets globally. In the slipstream of the international achievement, our customers reflected the need for additional sizes from the same trusted manufacturer.

Richter answered by expanding their RMI / RMA product portfolio with two additional pump sizes and nearly doubled the capacity with that. The new RMA 6x4x10" according to ASME / ANSI now covers a range up to 300 m³/h with heads up to 33 m.

Users of ISO pumps will benefit from the new pump size RMI 80-65-160 which covers the popular range up to 95 m³/h and 35 m head very efficiently. Working with new suppliers for single pump sizes can introduce new risks for the operators resulting in higher cost of ownership.