Manufacturing Execution System

for pharmaceutical and biotechnological production

  • Manufacturing Execution System
    Manufacturing Execution System

In cooperation with the PAS-X User Community, Werum further improved the leading Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for pharmaceutical and biotechnological production. The PAS-X version V3.1.6 provides many new technological features. The extended control of storage conditions and the automation of basic functions improve both production security and efficiency in creating Master Batch Records (MBRs) or executing Electronic Batch Recordings (EBRs). MBR creation is further simplified by the "External Parameters" feature based on generic Master Batch Records (GMBRs).

The alarm & event handling ensures an even better shop floor integration and thus guarantees continuous processes as well as a smooth information flow between PAS-X and the SCADA, DCS and Historian systems. Via interface, PAS-X directly retrieves the exceptions from Level 2 and allows the seamless assessment of all exceptions. This improvement enables QM personnel to go for a full "Review by Exception" (including Level 2 alarm & events) and allows the accelerated release of Batch Record Reports (BRRs).

The release process can be even further accelerated by the "Auto-Closure of BRR" feature. It automatically closes the BRR if there are no exceptions. As a result, QM personnel do no longer have to check batches without any exceptions and critical parameters so that a manual release is not required anymore.