Metal detection system

for liquid products

  • Metal detection system
    Metal detection system

The S+S LIQUISCAN metal detection system removes both magnetic and non-magnetic metallic contamination from pumped liquids, viscous products and pastes, such as jam, chocolate spread, soups, sausage, pâtés, mustard and ketchup, before the filling equipment. Most widely used in the food industry, it is equally suitable for removing metal from many non-food products.

A range of units is available each of which can be fitted with fast acting reject valves depending on the application and to match specific product characteristics. For linker and clip applications, interfaces are available for the downstream machinery to identify contaminated product for subsequent removal. A range of standard pipe diameters and types are available up to 100mm with other sizes available to special order.  Manufactured in high grade stainless steel, to meet all IFS, BRC and HACCP requirements, all variants are designed for maximum ease of hygiene and have the additional flexibility of either  fixed or mobile mountings.

The system uses a 2-channel detection coil with circular aperture and the Genius+ multiprocessor control system with self-monitoring, auto-balancing and temperature compensation. Fully automatic product compensation combined with an auto-learn capability makes the system especially simple to set-up. Multiple product data may be stored in non-volatile memory with password protection. The integrated, menu driven validation system meets the demands for critical control monitoring of all recognized standards, including HACCP, BRC and IFS.  A built-in password protected system log records complete documentation of all operating parameters.