Metal Filter Cloth MINIMESH

To determine geometric pore size and permeability

  • Metal Filter Cloth MINIMESH
    Metal Filter Cloth MINIMESH

Compared to other filter media, the specific properties of a woven wire mesh may be precisely described geometrically and defined through the type of weave, wire diameter and mesh count. For the user and manufacturer of woven wire filters, this is a considerable advantage because geometric pore size and permeability can be precisely calculated without the need for exhaustive measuring methods.

The mathematical formulae to determine the geometric pore size and the permeability were developed in cooperation with the University of Stuttgart and experimentally validated by glass bead tests and air flow-through measurements. These calculation processes now enable new filter elements to be designed beforehand, in accordance to the requirements of the user. The woven filter cloth can be immediately manufactured for the system at hand without having to conduct time-consuming and costly trials.

Using the mathematical formulae, Haver & Boecker has developed the MINIMESH® S Metal Filter Cloth Generation available in a large range of pore sizes. New filter weave structures with properties once thought impossible to attain have being developed on this basis that are shown for the first time at ACHEMA 2015.

· Precision Pore
· Higher flow-through properties
· Higher cut-point
· Higher energy efficiency
· Longer filter service life