Modular Feeding Equipment

Easy-to-disassemble single- and twin-screw feeders

  • Modular Feeding Equipment
    Modular Feeding Equipment

With ever-smaller lots sizes, faster product changes, and a dense cycle, feeding equipment today must meet many requirements. The developers of the new equipment generation 2.0 at Brabender Technologie have taken this into account. The modular design allows the gearing units on both feeders DSR28 2.0. (single-screw) and DDSR20 2.0 (twin-screw) to be easily and quickly changed and removed and replaced in just a few steps. This flexibility enables the customer to switch between large and small models or from single to twin-screw versions. The screw hopper is located at the front edge of the scale and the screw trough can now easily be removed from the front of the feeder to enhance feeder accessibility for cleaning. Screwless connections on the trough, container and lid are helpful here, reinforcing user friendliness

Quick seal change and visual checks

Seal replacement is also much easier - and faster - thanks to the trough, which can be removed from the front of the feeder: a new seal can be inserted within five minutes, with special versions for ATEX, food and pharma, depending on requirements. The newly installed seal change indicator can indicate the need to change seals at an early stage, thus preventing gear and motor damage. In addition, all Generation 2.0 units feature dust-tight vertical outlets made of food-grade, transparent PETG. This hard plastic is characterized by its high transparency and shatterproof construction enabling the operator to perform visual checks inside the screw tube. 

Servo motors available

All Generation 2.0 units are also available with a servo motor on all models. This servo motor has the added benefit that when compared to normal frequency-controlled motors, they have a much wider speed range and have full power available even at low rpm. The need to change screws and screw tubes can now be eliminated reducing downtime. At lower speeds, servo motors can start close to full torque and even in high torque conditions they continue to have excellent speed control.