Reducing Valve Induced Downtimes

Choosing the right isolation valve design matters in harsh environments

  • Choosing the right isolation valve design matters in harsh environments
    Choosing the right isolation valve design matters in harsh environments

Unplanned downtime is always a problem that must be avoided by selecting the right components. This is all the more true, when downtime is extremely costly and environmental conditions are difficult. Oliver Beyerman, Director Sales & Business Development AEV C-Ball Valves, Emerson explained in a session at Emerson Exchange 2024 in Düsseldorf, how the right isolation valve choice can make a difference when it comes to unplanned downtimes. 

Renewable Diesel is an alternative fuel with interesting characteristic. It is made from 100% renewable sources and the feedstock it uses cannot alternatively used for food production. The feedstock used for the process is used cooking oil, recycled animal fat or inedible corn oil. When it is used in combustion motors it has an excellent performance, and low emission profile, especially with NOx. It is good to store without changes in properties and odourless. 

But when it comes to the production process, there are some downsides, that make the life for an isolation valve extremely hard. As the feedstock varies in feedstock isolation applications the valves must be able to handle these changes to prevent production issues. Impurities and acidic gases in the raw materials are another potential problem leading to abrasion and corrosion in valves and compromise sealing integrity. Pressures up to ASME Class 2500 and temperatures up to 350˚C in reactors and processing units are not uncommon and can bring a standard valve to the limits

Even in conditions that are not as challenging as the above-mentioned, valves tend to be among the top positions when it comes to maintenance costs and unplanned shutdowns. So, the right choice helps to save a lot of money.

The AEV ²XC (double excentric) C-Ball Valves are engineered to excel under the harsh conditions in a refinery or other applications. They offer torque-seated shutoff and ensure ultra-tight, zero leakage sealing independent of process pressure or temperature. They have no cavities where media can be trapped and solidify. They fulfil fugitive emission requirements and are SIL 3 compliant. The valves can be maintained in a fast and easy way that leads to more uptime. For actuation the valves can be vendor-independently equipped according to customer specification.

So when it comes to sustainability, the AEV C-Ball valves are doubly effective. They enable the production of renewable fuels, but their use also has a positive effect in all other applications thanks to their long product life.