Versatile Ultrasonic Flowmeter with ASCII flow streaming

Easy-to-use USB-interface for direct monitoring

  • Versatile Ultrasonic Flowmeter with ASCII flow streaming
    Versatile Ultrasonic Flowmeter with ASCII flow streaming

Titan’s versatile Atrato® line of ultrasonic inline flowmeters now has ASCII flow streaming capability via USB and is reverse flow enabled, enhancing its capacity to be optimised for the user’s application, in addition to its datalogging and diagnostic features. The device’s USB connection gives the Atrato® flowmeter computer interface capability, enabling the user to directly monitor the flow rate being measured and alter the operating parameters using a laptop PC. 
The additional ASCII flow streaming means the measured liquid flow is output at 10-20 times per second in human-readable text form (ASCII encoded). This stream of data can then be interpreted and processed by software running on the USB host. This means that flow measurements are streamed directly over the USB connection to the PC. No additional pulse counting or analog interface devices are required and the flow measurements are configured directly to the user’s software system such as LabVIEW.

Titan’s Atrato® ultrasonic flow devices are ideal for low flow applications and precision process control, laboratory processes and chemical dosing. Ultrasonic flow meters are also becoming an important flow metering sensor within petrochemical process applications. With the patented ‘time-of-flight’ ultrasonic technology, the Atrato® flow meters operate with unmatched accuracy over a flow range of 2ml/minute to 20litres/minute.