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    Motion Controllers

Newport Corporation is introducing the XPS-RL, a cost effective, universal motion controller for up to four axes. The new controller is based on Newport's well-proven XPS platform. The XPS-RL focusses on user friendly operation with a newly designed graphical user interface, single-click stage configuration and TCP/IP auto-detection. Newport's proprietary ESP plug-and-play compatibility instantly recognizes when an ESP-compatible stage is connected to the controller. All operating parameters are configured automatically without the need for user inputs. Accidental and potentially fatal misconfigurations are avoided and a safe operation of the stages is always guaranteed.

The XPS-RL controller also includes pre-configured as well as user-definable motion groups. This feature helps to optimize the performance and simplifies the use of advanced features like line-arc trajectories, splines, contouring or complex PVT trajectories. The flexibility of grouping stages greatly improves process flow and error handling and provides a uniform structure for easy application development.

"The XPS-RL combines all relevant performance features of Newport's well-proven XPS controllers in an attractively priced and easy-to-use package", says Beda Espinoza, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Motion at Newport.